November Twenty-Eighth

Happy 4th Birthday to our baby girl ❤

How is this amazing little person already four years old? You can see a blog post dedicated to her here.

You can see posts from her DohDoh here.


“Biggest Loser Ranch & engagement pictures. It’s been a successful day!”

{taken @ 3:30pm PST}

Today is the princess’ actual day of birth. But basically the entire October to December has been and is a birthday celebration. Today included TWO mugs of hot chocolate, pancakes for breakfast and a hamburger {on a rice cake} from McDonald’s. There’s still more to come!”

{taken at 8:15am EET}

November First

Ahhhhhhh! It is November First and someone {okay fine, Sarah} has the flu. Please pray with me that she wakes up feeling better!

On that note, with today being the first day of November, I am going to try mentioning something I am thankful for in every post until Thanksgiving Day. This holiday season is going to be a challenge for me. I love the holidays and I am very well aware that holidays are different in different countries. I want to be thankful for each and every detail no matter how I feel! I remember seeing a picture last year that said, “what if you woke up with only the things you thanked the Lord for yesterday?” Thought-provoking, isn’t it?!  I am sure Sarah will join in later when her mind has cleared a little!


“Have barely moved from here all day. Consequently, there will be no September or October recap today…”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}

“Well of course, I have to start with my Thanksgiving baby since I spent the entire day Thanksgiving 2008 in pain and agony! This smile can make any rough day better and I am so thankful the Lord gave her to me, four years ago Thanksgiving Day (+ 4 hours)!”

{taken at 8:30am EET}

October Twenty-Ninth

“My job is a blessing, they’re letting me work 10 hour days and have 3 day weekends! Early mornings, late nights, wedding planning Fridays!”

{taken @ 6:45am PST}

“In the states, I took my kids to every single community/library/church/whatever holiday event. This year, I am so thankful that we have a visit from Sarah to look forward to. Until then, we are going to do our best to celebrate the holidays in a new country and culture. Addy and I talked about harvest and Thanksgiving today and then she colored/cut/pasted these collages completely on her own.”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}

July Thirty-First

“Okay, I know this is stretching the rules just a little, but let’s face the facts.

1. It is July 31st and we haven’t missed a post.

2. I did technically take this picture.

3. I miss this face.

Taking all that into consideration, I am using this for my picture today – – yes this is a skype screen shot photo of goofy cuteness + cool lighting!”

{taken at 6:30pm EET}

“Well, if you must know. These are my ‘power pants’. Yep, floral power pants. That’s why my face is so awesome in Marie’s picture…because I am wearing awesome pants. Also, have you ever tried getting a good picture of your *pants* without making it just…weird? It was a challenge, I ended up snapping this at a red light. Yes mama, full and complete stop.”
{taken @ 1:30pm PST}

June Tenth

Sarah spent the weekend up north and drove back down south wayyyyyyyy too late. Supposedly she uploaded her picture while on the road and I was supposed to post it.

But I don’t see it.

Something tells me it got lost in transit and now I have to wait for Sarah to wake up to re-upload it.

I know all five of you are sitting on pins and needles to see what we posted today so I am going to make up a post for Sarah. She can add her real picture when she wakes up tomorrow.

I’m sure she won’t mind!

♥ Marie

“Put this one to bed around 7pm as a grumpy, snotty baby. I thought it was going to be a rough night but instead we didn’t hear from her until 8am. Miracles still happen.”

{taken at 8:05am EET}

So what did Sarah do?

She made this drive:

Received this gift:

And she may or may not have taken this fella. Just saying.

Well, I know for a fact that I uploaded a picture…the mystery is why it wasn’t uploaded to our daily post? Either way, it was fun to wake up to the above from Marie.

I love her 

“I bet you didn’t know my brother Andrew was so amazing at making sushi. I can be a sushi snob, and I was pretty impressed.”

{taken @ 3:3opm PST}

June Seventh

Happy Birthday Bethany Sarah Bell Klein
♥ aka Doodle ♥
♥ aka DohDoh ♥
♥ aka Sister and Best Friend ♥
It’s been a crazy year, huh?

I am sorry I can’t be there on your birthday but I know some pretty special people are taking care of you. I really miss you and can’t wait to see you in December. Christmas in Moldova 2012, baby!

“I was trying to think of the perfect picture to take for Sarah’s birthday today but everything made me want to cry. Blah. Then I saw this card hanging on my wall. This was the Valentine’s Day card Sarah left for me before she went back to California. I still chuckle when I read it.”

{taken at 10:30pm EET}

“Birthday flowers from work!”

{taken @ 9:00am PST}

Compared to other years, this last one has been pretty defining with lots of changes and no direction except to be still and listen for Him. God is good and continues to be faithful! 

April Twenty-Seventh

“Went and had dinner and frozen yogurt with these girls tonight and then watched the above sunset and the waves crashing at my feet. I think it’s going to be a weekend of missing my family.”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

“Found this vintage adorable-ness at a Moldovan second hand. Now if only I had my thrift-ing partner (aka sister) here to help.”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}

April Fourth

“Okay so this is actually my mug cozy that Sarah made me, but I kind of like to see it all day long so I keep it on my utensil jar. I like to look at it when I am cooking dinner or doing the dishes.”

{taken at 5:45pm EET}

“Bought ric rac in as many colors as possible today! Marie would be proud.”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}