November Tenth


“I’m thankful that something as simple as Christmas lights makes me so happy. dorky? yup. but completely worth it!”

{taken at 10:00pm EET}

“Heidi, Marissa, Shiloh and I walked to Coffee Bean and Rizzo just happened to drop by…we had a blessed and amazing evening of knitting, wedding talk, heart talk and winter dream lattes of course!”

{taken @ 5:30pm PST}

July Twenty-Sixth

“Do you see this face of humiliation? It’s not my fault, she won’t stop licking her incision raw & I’m too cheap to go buy a $20 cone that she will only need for 3-4 days. I’ve made them out of one liter bottles for small dogs, so I though I could make one out of cardboard. While searching for cardboard in my garage, I spotted this old chinese lantern in my goodwill. Yes, my puppy is wearing a chinese lantern…easy to make & completely free. Mission accomplished.”

{taken @ 7:15am PST}

“Moldova eyeballs. Okay fine, actually these are soaked basil seeds and while they look disgusting, I actually turned them into a tasty boba-like drink, shockingly!”

{taken at 5:30pm EET}

July Sixteenth

“Thirteen months and happy as can be. Okay fine the truth is she wanted to be up on the stool with her sister. She doesn’t have an opinion, no not at all!”

{taken at 3:30pm EET}

“Well it only took me 6 months…but I finally got Shiloh a new tag with a phone number that actually works. Bittersweet.”

{taken @ 5:30pm PST}

June Eleventh

“She picked her own outfit out, packed her own backpack…and then calmly walked into her classroom after a kiss and a smile. I think I felt like crying more than she did.”

{taken at 8:00am EET}

“I went and picked up my baby girl tonight. She has so much fun when she gets to spend a weekend with her puppy friends! This is her stake out with her bestie {named Bandit} she would love nothing more than to eat the kitty on the other side of the fence.”

{taken @ 7:30pm PST}

p.s. – Yes, yesterday’s posthas been updated with my picture! Thanks sister ❤

May Twenty-Sixth

“Shiloh is pretty terrible at catching a frisbee, but she is learning!”

{taken @ 7:15pm PST}

“Today made it into the record of hardest days – – but I wouldn’t have changed anything. The past two weeks have been wonderful. I am so thankful for the time I spent with my parents and I am especially thankful that my babies were able to reconnect with their grammie and pops.”

{taken at 11:50am EET}

April Twenty-Fourth

“This picture doesn’t do it justice…but for about five minutes every morning, the sun comes streaming through my plants and it amazes me!”

{taken at 6:45am EET}

“Today is Shiloh’s 2nd Birthday  I took her hiking after work. This is her completely mesmerized seeing a group of horses for the first time!”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}