December Ninth


“Love is not moving a muscle even though your entire body has fallen asleep simply because your sick baby finally fell asleep on your lap.”

{taken at 5:20pm EET}


“A rather handsome individual bought me two Anthropologie place settings to use at our wedding. Seriously, he’s the best.”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

November Second

Happy Second Day of a Thankful Month!

“I am thankful to call this country my home, even on days when it doesn’t quite feel like my home yet. I am surrounded by awesome friends, a handsome+loving+supportive husband and two amazing+stunning little girls. Tonight we walked down Bulevardul Ștefan cel Mare and I was captivated by the beauty of the night, the mist and the city.”

{taken at 6:15pm EET}

“Today was a bummer, still sick/recovering, had to cancel plans with my daddy, but thankful I have the best fiancé in the world who brought me things throughout the day. Since I was feeling better tonight, I made him waffles in this little vintage waffle maker!”

{taken @ 6:00pm PST}

November First

Ahhhhhhh! It is November First and someone {okay fine, Sarah} has the flu. Please pray with me that she wakes up feeling better!

On that note, with today being the first day of November, I am going to try mentioning something I am thankful for in every post until Thanksgiving Day. This holiday season is going to be a challenge for me. I love the holidays and I am very well aware that holidays are different in different countries. I want to be thankful for each and every detail no matter how I feel! I remember seeing a picture last year that said, “what if you woke up with only the things you thanked the Lord for yesterday?” Thought-provoking, isn’t it?!  I am sure Sarah will join in later when her mind has cleared a little!


“Have barely moved from here all day. Consequently, there will be no September or October recap today…”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}

“Well of course, I have to start with my Thanksgiving baby since I spent the entire day Thanksgiving 2008 in pain and agony! This smile can make any rough day better and I am so thankful the Lord gave her to me, four years ago Thanksgiving Day (+ 4 hours)!”

{taken at 8:30am EET}

September Twenty-Fifth

“You know those helpless nights where you begin to wonder if your child might be awake permanently? Or those nights when you really could have used those four hours but instead spent them trying to hold and calm a sobbing {getting sick?} child? It’s nights like these that I am thankful {{{HIS}}} mercies really are new every morning! And yes I am also hoping that MY Mercy is also new in the morning.” 

{taken at 11:30pm EET}

“I updated to iOS 6 today…and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about all the features…especially the Panorama feature with the camera. A little pixelated, but seriously look how seamless that is!” 

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

September Tenth

“Why oh why do sick days feel so unproductive? And where is my mother or my sisters when I need them? Still counting my blessings…I had two freakishly well-behaved kids today!”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}


“Don’t mind the blurry and slightly creepy picture, I now have a serious winter jacket to take to Moldova and I’m super excited about it! 103 days and counting!”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

March Fifth

“Someone gave me their germs over the internet. So I stayed home, drank tea, did a little crafting and was surprised with this little glimpse of spring to come.”

{taken at 9:00pm EET}


“Aside from the fact that I just woke up in a panic at 11:58pm PST {seriously} and realized I had fallen asleep before posting this lovely picture of lettuce {that Marie planted a year ago and it came back!} Yes, I just posted my picture with literally ten or so seconds to spare.”

{taken @ 5:15pm PST}