October Twenty-Fifth

“Yellow flowers are a sweet comfort to me when I am having a rough day. They help me look forward to a wedding in March!”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}

“My seeester was down visiting and her car was deemed ‘unsafe’ to make another 7 hour drive. She took Silvia {my silver honduey} home and I kept hers to get fixed and take back up later. I’m kinda thinking I might just keep her though! I mean…4 doors, actuators that work, a clock that keeps the time…I think I will name her Gwendolyn because she is gold.”

{taken @ 5:45pm PST}

October Nineteenth

“Sometimes I love to eat raw fish and jalapeños. {with my sister} It’s more amazing than you think.”

 {taken @ 7:00pm PST}

“I am a stronger woman because of my mama. Although letting her go was yet again one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, I am also able to treasure these three weeks. I don’t care how horrible the “see you laters” are – – they are worth it every time.”

{I love you, mama and am blessed by the sacrifices you made to be here.}

{taken at 7:30pm EET over a few tears, honestly}

August Nineteenth

“I literally stopped breathing today…even though my brain knows that she is 6,470 miles away {for a brief moment} it tricked me into thinking nothing had ever changed. It’s days like today where I literally feel like I’m living in a dream and I’m going to wake up one morning and everything will be back to the comfortable and safe normal.”

{taken @ 12:45pm PST}

{ps-this picture was not meant to be utterly depressing or overly dramatic :) I simply miss my family today.}

“So weird to have a kid that self-entertains like this. I found her sitting at her table, snuggling her baby doll. Priceless.”

{taken at 6:15pm EET}

July Fifth

“Death-by-chocolate. I found this recipe and made my first {metric} baked item for Teresa’s birthday! Glad to say it turned out perfect!”

{taken at 6:15pm EET}

“Some serious therapy cleaning happened today, headache, heartache, a little lonely…but, God is good.”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

ps – These are my little Moldovan jars {Marie has a matching set} that my mama brought home to me. 

June Fourth

“Happiness is mail from uncle, aunt and cousins with new pictures!”

{taken at 9pm EET}

“This weekend was spent up in Ventura with an amazing group of ladies from my church! The focus was on ‘redeeming the time’  Ephesians 5:15-16, they gave us these adorable little hourglass necklaces. I also got some good sister/thrifting/coffee time in with my baby sister, she found a fun dress and I found this shirt!”

{taken @ 2:30pm PST}