October Seventh

“I knew Addy, Emma and Spencer would be happily reunited within no time. Mercy, however, was only seven months old when we moved. Now she is almost sixteen months old and it has been really sweet to watch her bond so quickly with Spencer. He is very gentle and kind with her and she thinks he’s up there with ice cream and sprinkles.”

{taken at 4:15pm EET}

“Sooooooooo…I might not be part of the family yet, but I’m pretty sure I just jacked my future sister-in-law’s christmas robe! If I love anything more than Christmas, it’s gaining new sisters!”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

Have I mentioned 4 out of my 6 sisters have blogs?





{Casey and Dora should probably get on cool train and get blogs too!}

September Tenth

“Why oh why do sick days feel so unproductive? And where is my mother or my sisters when I need them? Still counting my blessings…I had two freakishly well-behaved kids today!”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}


“Don’t mind the blurry and slightly creepy picture, I now have a serious winter jacket to take to Moldova and I’m super excited about it! 103 days and counting!”

{taken @ 7:00pm PST}

August Twenty-First

“A sign of true exhaustion. The options should only be spicy chunky (a thicker sauce) and spicy sauce (a pureed sauce). I am still trying to figure out what kind of tomato sauce ‘spick chunky’ is!”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}

“I had a date with myself tonight…candle light, ginger, edamame, and sushi.”

{taken 8:30pm PST}

May Twentieth

“Tonight I was able to go to church without the responsibility of my children {who were a little under the weather} while grammie stayed home with them. As you can tell, I was {really, really} missed. It’s so nice having a couple more adults living with us!”

{taken at 3:45pm EET}

“Yogurtland date with the little sister, we miss our older sister!”

{taken @ 12:30pm PST}


The Beginning…

Two sisters, one was born in 1981 and one was born in 1988.

They didn’t really become friends until yesterday the older one got married and the younger one got an attitude adjustment in 2007 {seriously}. They joined forces and moved in together in 2010.

One year later the older one {Marie} is moving to Chişinău, Moldova {note: she’s taking her hubby and the babies} and the younger one {Sarah} is staying in Thousand Oaks, CA {note: she is keeping the house and the dog}

We both have cameras {one shoots Nikon one shoots Canon} And no I won’t tell you who has what! We’ve decided that a great photographer isn’t defined by what she is shooting with. Also, with all the squabbling that goes on about which is better, it just gets on our nerves.

The idea behind this blog is that every day {we are very optimistic here} we will post a photo from both sides of the world. One from Moldova, one from California! Neat? Yep.

Brains behind the idea – Marie

Brains behind the design – Sarah