August First

August? Really? Maybe this photo blog is making the year go faster!

“After 3 years and 7 months I finally found good fresh water in Thousand Oaks. No, I can’t swim in it…Yes, it might be your drinking water. But it is fresh and beautiful and I loved feeling like I was out in the middle of no where.”

{taken @ 8:00pm PST}

“Now most people would remove the spring window stickers before putting the patriotic ones up – – but not us! Hopefully by the time next January rolls around this window will be full!”

{taken at 8:00am EET}

April Twenty-Fourth

“This picture doesn’t do it justice…but for about five minutes every morning, the sun comes streaming through my plants and it amazes me!”

{taken at 6:45am EET}

“Today is Shiloh’s 2nd Birthday  I took her hiking after work. This is her completely mesmerized seeing a group of horses for the first time!”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}

April Eighth

“Happiness is having your plant take over the kitchen because the sun has been out so much lately!”

{taken at 9:20am EET}

Um…where is Sarah’s picture?


Let’s just say Sarah was traveling this weekend (NorCal for Easter) and her phone decided to have a little swim in a mug of coffee. {Details are still a little fuzzy.} Now she is currently making the NorCal to SoCal drive and isn’t able to upload her picture before midnight. Don’t worry. She took a picture and it will be arriving within the next twenty-four hours, promise!

{edit: my phone went wading, not swimming…just enough to kill the screen backlight, so the phone worked fine I just couldn’t see a thing! It’s all straightened out today and I have a new phone, I’m alive and back down South and here is my picture!}

“This little lady’s 3rd birthday is next week, check out that attitude!”

{taken @ 10:00am PST}

March Twenty-Sixth

“So ‘warm’ weather means the heaters are officially turned off. Good news…our utilities will be $100/month cheaper. Bad news…chilly nights and mornings! It has to be in the 30’s for THREE days in a row before they switch them back on. Yikes!”

{taken at 9:00pm EET}

“It was a beautiful day here…dramatic clouds, breezy, not too cold. This is the view from my office window!”

{taken @ 3:30pm PST}

March Fifth

“Someone gave me their germs over the internet. So I stayed home, drank tea, did a little crafting and was surprised with this little glimpse of spring to come.”

{taken at 9:00pm EET}


“Aside from the fact that I just woke up in a panic at 11:58pm PST {seriously} and realized I had fallen asleep before posting this lovely picture of lettuce {that Marie planted a year ago and it came back!} Yes, I just posted my picture with literally ten or so seconds to spare.”

{taken @ 5:15pm PST}