July Thirty-First

“Okay, I know this is stretching the rules just a little, but let’s face the facts.

1. It is July 31st and we haven’t missed a post.

2. I did technically take this picture.

3. I miss this face.

Taking all that into consideration, I am using this for my picture today – – yes this is a skype screen shot photo of goofy cuteness + cool lighting!”

{taken at 6:30pm EET}

“Well, if you must know. These are my ‘power pants’. Yep, floral power pants. That’s why my face is so awesome in Marie’s picture…because I am wearing awesome pants. Also, have you ever tried getting a good picture of your *pants* without making it just…weird? It was a challenge, I ended up snapping this at a red light. Yes mama, full and complete stop.”
{taken @ 1:30pm PST}