November First

Ahhhhhhh! It is November First and someone {okay fine, Sarah} has the flu. Please pray with me that she wakes up feeling better!

On that note, with today being the first day of November, I am going to try mentioning something I am thankful for in every post until Thanksgiving Day. This holiday season is going to be a challenge for me. I love the holidays and I am very well aware that holidays are different in different countries. I want to be thankful for each and every detail no matter how I feel! I remember seeing a picture last year that said, “what if you woke up with only the things you thanked the Lord for yesterday?” Thought-provoking, isn’t it?!  I am sure Sarah will join in later when her mind has cleared a little!


“Have barely moved from here all day. Consequently, there will be no September or October recap today…”

{taken @ 6:30pm PST}

“Well of course, I have to start with my Thanksgiving baby since I spent the entire day Thanksgiving 2008 in pain and agony! This smile can make any rough day better and I am so thankful the Lord gave her to me, four years ago Thanksgiving Day (+ 4 hours)!”

{taken at 8:30am EET}

September Seventeenth

“I work with some really amazing ladies! This was sitting outside my office door, Sam is ready to rock and roll!”

{taken @ 7:30am PST}

“I know the girls have made the blog a lot this month but sometimes I just can’t help it. We’ve been sick. We’ve been busy. Sometimes life has felt like it is spinning out of control. Yet every day these two need food and clothing and brushed teeth and kisses and snuggles. And every day they make me smile or laugh. I’d probably be a true work-a-holic if the Lord hadn’t given me kids. Summary? I’m very thankful.”

{taken at 2:45pm EET}

P.S. This pic was just intended to send to Dada so excuse the blurry-ness!