September Sixth

“If any of you know my sissy and I at all, you know that we’re obsessed {obsessed} with the holidays. This means holiday drinks September 1st, Christmas music October 1st {this is the official date, we listen to it year round if you must know!} and full fledged Christmas decorating November 22nd {as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over obviously}…these are just a few examples of our love for Christmas. This morning marked my first soy, no foam, no whip, pumpkin spice latte {it was incredible}. And yes, I missed my sissy-pants.”

{taken @ 8:00am PST}

“She’s a kooky one. She may have walked ALL-THE-WAY-AROUND that patch of grass for a little dirt crossing as she trekked from the teeter-totter to the slide. ‘Cause you know, those are some pretty scary patches of grass!”

{taken at 5:15pm EET}