Week Four

Sarah’s theme: water


“In Southern CA we usually have phantom rain…you don’t realize it’s rained until you wake up in the morning and find the ground is wet. Well, the last few weeks we have had a down pour of rain…it’s been fabulous. Perfect for this weeks theme: I actually had my glasses on Saturday morning (near sighted here) and I saw with my very own eyes (shocking) that my party lights in the side yard were catching water and making them drip…obviously.”

{taken on Saturday, January 26th around 9:00am PST)

Marie’s theme: free


“Oh. my. goodness. It is crazy around here. In the midst of packing to move apartments BEFORE traveling to California for EIGHT weeks, this little munchkin of nineteen months decided to potty train. Seriously, is there anything more free than getting to run around the house like this? I really don’t think so!”

{taken on Tuesday, January 29th around 5:30pm EET}

Next Week’s Theme:

For Marie: husband

For Sarah: sky


April First

Happy April Fools Day…good news is, we aren’t the pranksters in the family. Our brothers (yes, all three of them) are the ones full of jokes and pranks. We are just a tad boring, I guess!

“A lemon in water a day helps keep my stomach aches away. And yes, those are the seeds to ONE lemon!”

{taken at 3:30pm EET}

“My green beans are starting to sprout! Yay!”

{taken @6:45pm PST}