November Twenty-Eighth

Happy 4th Birthday to our baby girl ❤

How is this amazing little person already four years old? You can see a blog post dedicated to her here.

You can see posts from her DohDoh here.


“Biggest Loser Ranch & engagement pictures. It’s been a successful day!”

{taken @ 3:30pm PST}

Today is the princess’ actual day of birth. But basically the entire October to December has been and is a birthday celebration. Today included TWO mugs of hot chocolate, pancakes for breakfast and a hamburger {on a rice cake} from McDonald’s. There’s still more to come!”

{taken at 8:15am EET}

October Twenty-Fifth

“Yellow flowers are a sweet comfort to me when I am having a rough day. They help me look forward to a wedding in March!”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}

“My seeester was down visiting and her car was deemed ‘unsafe’ to make another 7 hour drive. She took Silvia {my silver honduey} home and I kept hers to get fixed and take back up later. I’m kinda thinking I might just keep her though! I mean…4 doors, actuators that work, a clock that keeps the time…I think I will name her Gwendolyn because she is gold.”

{taken @ 5:45pm PST}

October Ninth

“Sometimes you just have to stop fighting the inevitable and just start the almost-four-year-old in bed with you instead of rearranging during the night. And yes, we are sleeping on our way-cool-pull-out-sofa.”

{taken at 9:15pm EET}

“Full time employee by day, wedding planner by night, and fiancé somewhere in the mix. It’s a busy life!”

{taken @ late o’clock pm PST}

September Twenty-Second

“A little person laid on the sofa for about thirty minutes tonight, skyping with her Dohdoh. Mainly they looked at wedding magazines together and planned the wedding. Best question of the night, hands down: Dohdoh, I have a good idea. Maybe you and I can just share the princess ring that your honey gave you?”

{taken at 8:15pm EET}

“Showed up to a certain hardware store today and stole paint swatches…you know, to help me visualize wedding colors better!”

{taken @ 4:30pm PST}

September Nineteenth

“So blessed to finally be at our small group after a really long break. I might be partial but I think we have the best group. Seven girls…Addy and Mercy are in heaven!”

{taken at 8:00pm EET}

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Yes, another wedding related photo. The venue! Barbara and I visited today and we fell head over heels in love with it!”

{taken @ 1:00pm PST}

September Eighteenth

“I know, I know…I said no more kid photos today. But I’ve gotta be honest. I may or may not have watched her try to stand up under this swing quite a few times and I may or may not have giggled repeatedly at the looks on her face until she turned and yelled at me for help.”

{taken at 4:45pm EET}

P.S. More are found here

“I had to give my ring back today to get resized…at least I get it back Thursday!”

{taken @ 10:30am PST}

So this is my disclaimer, Marie posts lots of pictures of the babies {which I am more than ok with!} and I am going probably be posting way too many photos of wedding related stuff!

September Seventeenth

“I work with some really amazing ladies! This was sitting outside my office door, Sam is ready to rock and roll!”

{taken @ 7:30am PST}

“I know the girls have made the blog a lot this month but sometimes I just can’t help it. We’ve been sick. We’ve been busy. Sometimes life has felt like it is spinning out of control. Yet every day these two need food and clothing and brushed teeth and kisses and snuggles. And every day they make me smile or laugh. I’d probably be a true work-a-holic if the Lord hadn’t given me kids. Summary? I’m very thankful.”

{taken at 2:45pm EET}

P.S. This pic was just intended to send to Dada so excuse the blurry-ness!

September Thirteenth


“First Emily’s now Molly’s.”

{taken @ 8:00pm PST}

“Missing: loving, smiling, easy-going baby. Found: molar-cutting, grumpy, attitude-filled fifteen month old. Do you like that pouty lip? That was her response to being told she had to eat the rice and peas not just the carrots. This kid makes me giggle every day.”

Mental note: I obviously have a thing for gender-neutral baby stuff. But seriously, she’s a girl. The earrings are a dead give away, right?!

{taken at 6:20pm EET}