October Twenty-Fifth

“Yellow flowers are a sweet comfort to me when I am having a rough day. They help me look forward to a wedding in March!”

{taken at 7:15pm EET}

“My seeester was down visiting and her car was deemed ‘unsafe’ to make another 7 hour drive. She took Silvia {my silver honduey} home and I kept hers to get fixed and take back up later. I’m kinda thinking I might just keep her though! I mean…4 doors, actuators that work, a clock that keeps the time…I think I will name her Gwendolyn because she is gold.”

{taken @ 5:45pm PST}

May Eighth

“Not feeling so great today, I came home and napped in the middle of the day.”

{taken @ 1:00pm PST}

“For some reason Monday has been a harder day than Sunday lately so I’ve taken to buying a little something every time Monday rolls around. My latest purchase? It’s the little things that make me happy – –

purple, orange, yellow and lime.”

{taken at 7:45am EET}